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Scouts ongoing success is due to enthusiastic and committed adult volunteers from all walks of life who love adventure and take great pride in encouraging our young Aussies to reach their full potential.

Within the State Branches of Scouts Australia, thousands of volunteer Branch and Section Commissioners, Leaders and supporters work at ground level every day to build Scouting in Australia.


At National level, the National Council and the National Executive Committee - also volunteers - work to govern and manage Scouts Australia as a whole. These volunteers have the support of full-time and part-time staff members at the National and Branch offices.

All our Leaders must have a current Working With Children Card and Police Clearance Checks. Leaders are trained and accredited through Scouts Australia and new trainee leaders are mentored by more experienced leaders.

At Montmorency Scouts, our leaders are parents who are all passionate about offering children experiences that enable them to grow and have a chance to be kids! We encourage parents to be involved in the group and the program so that they can also benefit by building connections with their children and our scouting community.

Leader Information


Interested in becoming a leader?

Scouts Australia offers many opportunities for adults to train to become part of the Scouting Organisation.

For more information, visit Scouts Australia

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