News and Events

Get ready for an exciting year of scouting in 2021! 

There’s so much to look forward to for all sections this year! Along with our regular weekly meetings, here are some highlight events in 2021! 




In Terms 3 and 4, we'll be getting out and about and exploring the bush, learning bushcraft skills and going on camps. In 2022 we'll be going to Kangaree, so we'll be preparing for this major event in the final term of 2021!


Even though we've returned from Cuboree, the fun doesn't stop there! We've got loads of camps, district events and adventurous activities to look forward to! Keep the dates free from Jan 3 - 7 for CubJam!

SCOUTS | VicJam | 29 Dec - 8 Jan

Ten days packed solid with adventure, excitement and fun, this camp is described as an experience of a lifetime! Find out all the details on the VicJam Website!


VENTURERS |  | 30 July - 1 Aug

Hold the dates for July 30 and August 1 for the 2021 Winter Gathering - an awesome special camp for all Victorian Venturers! Onsite activities and a great mid-year catchup in a secret location. Book here.

ROVERS | The Moot

Over 1000 Rovers from around the world will converge at Mafeking Rover Park for an opportunity unlike any other available to Rovers. A jam packed, fun yet relaxing week and a half spending time with your closes mates, making new friends from around the country and world and allow you to expand your horizons!

Into motorsports? Visit the Rover Motorsport page for all the latest dates and information on upcoming events.