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2020 is all about getting outdoors! The big focus is camping, outdoor activities and having fun - from the cubs, right through to the Venturer section!

The cubs will be developing their camping skills throughout the year as we prepare for Cuboree X! 

Scouts are honing their camping skills and preparing for Stradbroke Cup where they get to camp with groups from all over Victoria and compete in a variety of activities. (A bit like a camping olympics!)

And our Venturers are also out and about as they prepare for a major event at the end of 2020/early 2021...Oz Venture, where they head to Fiji for an island-hoping adventure like no other!

Scouting is all about learning through adventure and fun. It's about being part of the community, learning about and caring for the environment and challenging yourself! It's time away from screens and time with friends! Here's to a great year ahead!


Cubs are busy preparing for Cuboree X! (You can find out all about Cuboree at the Cuboree X info page).

We have lots of camps coming up, as well as bike rides (including bike safety and maintenance) photography and engineering! And don't forget 'Clean Up Australia Day' where we all get to make a difference to our local area by keeping it free from rubbish and looking after the native animals that live in our park!


Along with camping (4 camps for term 1 alone!), don't miss our special 'Black Ops - Spycraft Navigation' night! We also have Paintball and a night where we have a series of mock emergencies and learn how to respond and keep people safe.  


Venturers are heading off to AG in Term 1 for 2 days of activities (and some time to relax too!) You can find out about AG here.

We're hosting the the Venturer Zone Council meeting in February and having a night at the Queen Vic Markets, Rock Climbing and planning our adventurers in Fiji later in the year!

If you'd like to find out more about Valley Venturers or would like to come along for a night, please contact us below!



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